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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Quick Thought on Home-schooling

Q. What is the purpose of sending one's children to school/ home-school?
A. To be educated about God's world and equipped with knowledge to live as an adult.

The answer is not "to be missionaries". That is not the purpose of education.

How many times I have heard people say, "I'm sending my children to be salt and light!" Are they salt and light in the first place, or could some of the influences they get have the opposite effect? I've seen the tragic situation of someone asking why his children have gone off the rails. If he knew how some of their teachers were influencing them, then he wouldn't ask. (I knew as I was at school with them.) If you send your children to school, be vigilant about what influences they are getting.

Please note that I am not despising the good work and witness that many Christian teachers have within the state sector. In fact, I say, "Keep up the good work!" Nor am I saying that those who send their children to state schools are bad parents.

I am also not saying that home-schooling will save your children. Of course not! I've seen a person from a home-schooling background who doesn't appear to be Christian as well. I believe that the worldly influence of the home-schooling parents had a lot to do with it (as well as too quick an acceptance of a confession of faith without questioning inconsistent behaviour afterwards).

Home-schooling parents (and all parents) need to think about the influence that they have on their children.

Do not be deceived. Bad company corrupts good morals. Do you know enough about the company your children are keeping, including teachers?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct. All this talk about sending children to state schools to be missionaries is utter nonsense, because have you ever heard of a church sending out adult missionaries without proper training? Much less should children be exposed to humanism , before they have a thoroughly Christian education.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 2:20:00 pm  

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