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"As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Outline of Thomas Watson’s "The Tongue a World of Iniquity"

DOCTRINE: The tongue, though it is a little member, yet it has a world of sin in it.

The Evils of the Tongue

1. The evil tongue is a silent tongue.

2. The evil tongue is the earthly tongue.

3. The evil tongue is the hasty or angry tongue.

4. The evil tongue is vain tongue that vents itself in idle words.

5. The evil tongue is the censorious tongue.

6. The evil tongue is the slanderous tongue.

7. The evil tongue is the unclean tongue that vents itself in filthy and scurrilous words.

8. The evil tongue is the lying tongue.

9. The evil tongue is the flattering tongue that will speak fair to one’s face, but will defame him.

10. The evil tongue is the tongue given to boasting.

11. The evil tongue is the swearing tongue.

12. The railing tongue is an evil tongue.

13. The seducing tongue is an evil tongue

14. The evil tongue is the cruel tongue that speaks to the wounding of the heart of others.

15. The evil tongue is murmuring tongue.

16. The evil tongue is the scoffing tongue.

17. The evil tongue is tongue given to cursing.

18. The evil tongue is the unjust tongue that will, for the piece of money, open its mouth in a bad cause.

Uses of this Doctrine

Use 1. Of information.

Branch 1. See what a blow we have sustained by the fall. It has put out of frame the whole course of nature.

Branch 2. If there is so much evil in the tongue, what is the heart? If the stream is so full of water, how full of water is the fountain? If there is a world of iniquity in the tongue, how many worlds of iniquity in the heart?

Use 2. Of reproof.

It reproves such as abuse their tongues in all manners of evil speaking – lying, slandering and rash anger.

Use 3. Of confutation.

Branch 1. It confutes the Catharists and Perfectionists who plead for perfection in this life. If the tongue has so many evils in it, how are they perfect?

Branch 2. If confutes the Arminians, those patrons of free-will, who say they have power to affect their own salvation; they can change their heart. The Apostle said, “the tongue can no man tame,” James 3:8. If they cannot bridle their tongue, how can they conquer their will? If they cannot master this little member, how can they change their nature?

Use 4. Of caution.

Take heed to your tongue; have a care that you offend not with your tongue… Psalm 39:1, “I said, I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue.” A hard lesson!

Rules for Governing Your Tongue

Rule 1. If you would have better tongues, labour for better hearts.

Rule 2. If you would not sin in your tongue, call to mind how you have formerly offended with your tongue, and that will make you more watchful for the future.

Rule 3. Watch your tongue.

Rule 4. IF you would not offend in your tongue, ponder your words well before you speak.

Rule 5. If you would not offend in your tongue, pray to God to guard your tongue.

Rule 6. If you would be kept from evil speaking, inure your tongues to good speaking.

Motives to Beware of Your Tongue Sins

Motive 1. If you have no care of your tongue, all your religion is vain.

Motive 2. The tongue reveals much of the heart.

Motive 3. To allow ourselves in the abuse of the tongue cannot stand with grace.

Motive 4. The sins of the tongue are very defiling.

Motive 5. The sins of the tongue are provoking to God, and prejudicial to us.

Motive 6. He who offends not in his tongue is a perfect man.

Motive 7. You must give an account to God of your speeches as well as your actions.


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