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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Church of Nigeria Stands Fast Against Williams' Compromise

Our brethren in the Church of Nigeria have responded to Rowan Williams' typical appeal for compromise over the heresy of the majority of the ECUSA by stating that his "two-tier membership of ‘Constituent Churches’ and ‘Churches in Association’ is brilliant as the heartbeat of a leader who wants to preserve the unity of the Church by accommodating every shred of opinion no matter how unbiblical, all because we want to make everyone feel at home."

They go on to say, "A cancerous lump in the body should be excised if it has defied every known cure. To attempt to condition the whole body to accommodate it will lead to the avoidable death of the patient." This must be taken in the light of the Nigerians attempt to encourage a new American Anglican church for the Evangelical remnant. See the article on the BBC website here, which includes a link to the official statement by the Nigerian Anglican Church.

Amen and amen, brethren.

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Blogger Timothy said...

I read both your posts on the ECUSA, and I have to agree with you. Much of what is mainline has apostasized and it's hard to watch it all... but on the other hand, they no longer surprise me. When Jezebel spoke of "Our Mother Jesus" it didn't shock me in the least because it is what I expect out of them.

The problem with the African brethren is that they remain a part of the Church of England at all. If they are calling for discipline for the church in the U.S., why are they not calling for discipline of the church of England?

Not sure how they would... but it seems to me the problems lies in Rowan's lap.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 2:54:00 pm  

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